Many people have been reaching out to me on a daily basis, asking me for help and tips of getting through lockdown and beyond. I have put together my top tips to share with everyone in an effort to help and reach out to more people. Even if you can just take up 1 of the practices, you will start to shift your energetic frequency and raise your vibration. After a short while, positive noticeable differences and changes begin to naturally materialise. The more tips you implement as part of your practice, the faster and bigger the shifts. Where ever you are on your journey is your personal perfect place to start. Challenge yourself to implement 1 or a few of these simple helpful tips and watch your world start to change in many areas for the better!

  1. Start each day with a meditation:
    Even for 1 minute to begin with and slowly build up.
  2. Daily Gratitude list:
    Write down 5 things you are grateful for, this is perfect to do immediately after your meditation.
  3. Ground yourself:
    On a daily basis connect with nature!
  4. Focus on your Breath:
    A few times a day as often as you can, stop and focus on your breathing. A good tip is to stop, you can be sitting or standing. Close your eyes and focus on consciously concentrating on your breathing. Try what I call ‘Heart Chamber Breathing’: Breath in for a count of 7, hold for a count of 3, exhale slowly for a count of 11, hold for a count of 3. Repeat as many times as you can. Doing this just once or twice a day will help exponentially.
  5. Exercise regularly:
    Go for a brisk walk each day even just for 30 minutes it is so important to get outside in the fresh air, change your scenery and get your body moving!
  6. Drink lots of water:
    8 glasses a day or a great tip, have a drink bottle with water and continue drinking it throughout the day until you have refilled it 3 times.
    When our bodies are correctly hydrated we are able to concentrate 70% more.
  7. Intermittent fasting:
    This can be done on a daily basis or a few days per week. As we are not moving around as much as we usually would, our bodies do not require the same amount of food. If we are eating too much in comparison to how much we are moving around / exercising, our bodies become tired and sluggish. Intermittent fasting is a wonderful way to keep your energy levels up and a great way to maintain your weight.
  8. Breaking State:
    On the hour every hour, stop what you are doing, get up, stretch, move around, shake your body out, jump up and down on the spot, or do some Qi Gong for 5 minutes. Breaking state improves our concentration and productivity and activates more creative energy to flow through us!
  9. Clear separation of your ‘working space’:
    Especially if your home does not have a dedicated room or area for an office space. You must create an area that is for ‘working’. If you are working from your kitchen table it is important to pack up your computer and work things each day when you finish working, so that space can then become the eating area again. Avoid working in your bed as you will energetically ‘contaminate’ your sleeping space and the subconscious brain can become confused about where you sleep and where you work.
  10. Reframing your mind:
    Whilst working from home, a great trick to have a clear differentiation in your brain that you have finished your working day, pack up all your work things and put them away. Go outside your front door and close it and lock it (don’t forget your keys) then reopen the door imagining that you have just returned home from your office or usual place of work. Our imagination is much more powerful than we think and this will start to get you back into the routine and mindset you had when returning home from work before we went into lockdown.
  11. Palo Santo:
    Clearing and purifying the energies a few times per week with Palo Santo. This ancient South American tradition cleanses any stagnant energies from your aura or home allowing positive energies to flow.
  12. Energy Healing:
    Having an energy or alternative therapy once per week (there are many practitioners working via distance at the moment) can unblock, rebalance and realign your energetic flow. Increasing concentration and motivation, dissolving tension, anxiety and stress. Restoring a state of calm which puts you back into your alignment and correct energetic vibration. This positively penetrates into many areas of your life.
  13. Working with a Life Coach:
    So that we are not going through this journey alone feeling stuck, anxious or stagnant, life coaches are an incredible resource for support, personal growth, motivation and much more. Think of a Life coach as a personal trainer for your mind. Just as it is so important to exercise and push our bodies safely and correctly with the guidance of health and fitness instructors to allow our muscles to strengthen, shape and grow. It equally important for us to have a Life coach supporting the exercising of our minds.