Discovering & Integrating The Real You

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Programme II: Discovering & Integrating The Real You

Starting your journey, and laying, rooting and growing the foundations for the ultimate life transformation

6 sessions

Benefit from Programme I to identify your true life purpose, discover your values, eliminate limiting beliefs and reprogram for an upgraded version of yourself.

In addition, this carefully  curated 6-week programme will ensure you commence and continue your journey with purpose. Discover how to lay, root and grow foundations, and continue to experience life transformation to move towards your goals.

  • Strengthening your values and purpose
  • Reassess where you are now in each area of life and where you want to be
  • Check in with your specific goals
  • Eliminate your limiting beliefs, behaviours, actions and obstacles
  • Put your past in perspective so that together we can identify the attitudes and beliefs consistent with living the life that you want at your highest potential
  • Discover why certain relationships and lifestyles in the past may not have worked out, and how to quickly and  permanently turn that pattern around
  • Develop your inner leader and self-acceptance
  • Develop skills to overcome challenges
  • Start to eliminate your depression, anxiety, fears and limiting belief systems
  • Commit to new habits that support the path you want to tread towards your goal 


6 sessions (1 x 90 minutes + 5 x1 hour sessions) in person or via zoom

Programme includes:

  • Bespoke energy healing, mindfulness or hypnotherapy if required/ requested
  • Access to any necessary exercises and bonus development material
  • 1 x complimentary check-in call (20 mins) for any queries in between sessions
  • 24-hour access to me via text/ voice message (I will respond via text/ voice message as soon as possible)

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