Discovering The Real You

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Programme I: Discovering The Real You

Starting your journey and laying the foundations for the ultimate life transformation

4 sessions

If you are looking to identify your true-life purpose, discover your values, eliminate limiting beliefs and reprogram for an upgraded version of yourself – then look no further.

This carefully curated 4-session programme will ensure you commence your journey with purpose, lay the foundations and begin to experience life transformation.

  • Discover and identify your values and true life purpose
  • Assess where you are now in each area of your life and where you want to be
  • Identify your specific goals
  • Become aware of some of your limiting beliefs, default behaviours and out-dated programming
  • Put your past in perspective so that together we can identify the attitudes and beliefs consistent with living the life that you want at your highest potential
  • Discover why certain relationships and lifestyles in the past may not have worked out, and how to quickly and permanently dissolve and change that pattern
  • Start developing self-acceptance and awareness
  • Learn tools to overcome challenges
  • Start to eliminate your fears and limiting belief systems
  • Start reprogramming to become an upgraded version of yourself


4 sessions (1 x 90 minutes + 3 x 1 hour sessions) in person or via zoom

Programme includes:

  • Bespoke energy healing, mindfulness or hypnotherapy if required/ requested
  • Access to necessary exercises and bonus development material
  • 1 x complimentary check-in call (20 minutes) for any queries in between sessions
  • 24-hour access to me via text/ voice message (I will respond via text/ voice message as soon as possible)

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