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What is Talking Therapy?

Often, we hold the key to our own answers and may be hindered by anxiety, fear or stress.

The act of talking through an issue, problem, situation, decision or about a person that is causing trouble releases inner thoughts and can instigate positive internal shifts and external changes.

Many of my clients often just need to talk to me about them. We all have the answers inside of us and sometimes it may just be that talking it through and processing with a safe, trusted, unattached and completely independent person is the key to unlocking and finding the right solution.

The Benefits Of Talking Therapy

  • Rapid relief from any stress, overwhelm or anxiety of the issue
  • Empowering you to move forward, finding workable helpful solutions
  • Placing you back in firm control of your life
  • Allowing you the space to return to a positive mind frame
  • Enabling you to see from other perspectives
  • You will be and feel completely supported
  • Allowing for sleeping soundly again (in some cases)
  • Enabling you to feel calm, clear and measured

How It Works

Sessions are 60 minutes via Zoom. During this time, you will feel safe, secure and unjudged to completely let your guard down and talk through your issue with me.

I am trained and very experienced in active listening. I will guide and fully support you through to finding your own positive solutions and unlocking the answers you need.

As you are fully in control, you will decide on how many sessions you require and when you need to book them.

Most of my clients find that just 1 – 3 sessions are adequate for them to achieve the peace of mind and resolution they are seeking on the issue.

You may email me prior to your session, with any information or background that you feel could be helpful to maximise the session time.

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