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Being in hypnosis feels like being in a relaxed state of daydreaming. The background noises fade and everything else happening around you is suddenly unimportant.

    What Is Hypnotherapy?

    The origins of hypnosis are as ancient as that of sorcery, magic and medicine. Indeed, hypnosis has been used as a method in all three. Evidence of hypnosis is seen in many of the ancient cultures, including the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Persian, Chinese, Indian and Sumerian, who all used hypnosis in some form as therapy. In ancient Egypt and Greece, the sick often went to healing places known as ‘sleep temples’ or ‘dream temples’ to be cured by hypnosis.

    Have you ever daydreamed? Got lost in a good book? Meditated?

    How many times have you been in the middle of a conversation and switched off because you remembered something else, while the other person was still talking to you? Or all the times you’ve made your way back home without remembering how you even got there? This was your subconscious mind taking over, doing something it naturally and instinctively knows how to do well, thus allowing your conscious mind to be focusing on other things.

    This is exactly what hypnosis can feel like.

    As a trained hypnotherapist, I use the power of suggestion and other hypnosis techniques infused into my treatments to create desired impactful positive changes for my clients.

      The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

      • Creates rapid lasting desired positive change in your life
      • Access your subconscious mind which holds so much wisdom and power
      • Aids healing on many levels
      • Almost any goal you desire can be worked on
      • Change certain behaviours
      • Very effective and powerful
      • Ease stress and anxiety
      • Rapidly create success


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