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Meditation is a practice of consciously completely stopping.

Through meditation we are able to be in the present moment in a state of ‘being’ or pure consciousness. It is here that we connect with the ‘oneness’, ‘divine’ or ‘source’ and access the universal energies and answers that we all have within us.

We can attract, manifest and call in our desires, rapidly through meditation as we are in the right energetic vibrational frequency here to do so. Guided meditations are an excellent way to accelerate your practice. Our imagination is so much more powerful than we know.

I have been meditating for over ten years and love sharing this practice with others. Let me help you unlock your potential, by guiding you on your meditation journey!

Work With Belinda

  • Come with an open mind and heart and be prepared to completely stop
  • You will learn to begin or deepen your own meditation practice
  • Guided meditations assist you to achieve your intentions
  • You will feel calmer, energised, clearer, connected, more efficient and focused in your daily life with a regular practice
  • I offer in person and online sessions for individuals and groups
  • I recommend an initial four sessions, once per week for one hour to get you stabilised and set in your meditation practice.

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