The Best Version of You

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Programme III: The Best Version of You

Starting your journey; laying, rooting and growing the foundations; mastering committed transformation and living your best life!

8 sessions

Benefit from Programmes I and II, plus you can expect to have transformed the foundations of your thinking and behaviour which will lead you to your desired goal. You can expect new positive habits and behaviours to now be automatic. Expect to be upgraded to your best self!

  • Continue new positive habits, thought patterns and affirmations
  • Maximise your resilience, resources, confidence and empowerment
  • Identify and recognise your programmed schemas, adapt behaviour and actions to overcome
  • Become aware of your limiting blind spots (behaviours and actions)
  • Develop and add to current positive habits, behaviours and actions to further support and strengthen your journey forwards
  • Expand your awareness, consciousness and broaden your perspective
  • Anxieties/ fears have the potential to be largely replaced by a feeling of contentment, love and confidence
  • Shed the old version of you and embrace and live your new transformation!


8 sessions (1 x 90 minutes + 7 x 1-hour sessions) in person or via zoom

Programme includes:

  • Bespoke energy healing, mindfulness or hypnotherapy if required/ requested
  • Access to any necessary exercises, bonus development material and resources
  • 2 x complimentary check-in calls (20 mins) for any queries in between sessions
  • 24-hour access to me via text/ voice message (I will respond via text/ voice message as soon as possible)

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