Rewiring, Programming & Total Upgrade

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Programme IV: Rewiring, Programming & Total Upgrade

Starting your journey; laying, rooting and growing the foundations; mastering committed and total transformation; and complete core reprogramming to the very best version of yourself.

12 sessions

Benefit from Programmes I, II and III, plus benefit from expanding your vision, mastering manifestation, experiencing total reawakening and empowering yourself to live your life to the fullest.

  • Committed transformation and on-purpose living
  • Make each goal in each area of your life bigger and achieved
  • Expand your vision and cement your confidence
  • Create and cement new positive habits and behaviours to achieve each of your goals
  • Explore and experience total liberation
  • Become a manifestation master and attract all your desires with a new upgraded ‘operating system’
  • A total reawakening and recognition to the ‘new’ wonderful world available to you
  • Expect to be truly empowered
  • Live awake your best, fullest, fulfilled, happiest life with infinite possibilities and openness to miracles


12 sessions (1 x 90 minues + 11 x 1-hour sessions) in person or via zoom

Programme includes:

  • Bespoke energy healing, mindfulness or hypnotherapy if required/ requested
  • Access to any necessary exercises, bonus development material and resources
  • 3 x complimentary check-in calls (20 mins) for any queries in between sessions
  • 24-hour access to me via text/ voice message (I will respond via text/ voice message as soon as possible)

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