Psychic Soul Healing

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This is a truly mystical experience!

A fully immersive, intuitive and bespoke energy healing, working with my guides and ascended masters including the Galactic Council of Healing and Light, along with the higher self and guides of the client.

I combine a range of modalities including crystal energies, holy oils,  aromatherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping, incense and high  vibrational music frequencies in the cosmic energetic crystalline temples.

I am  able to work on a higher level on the energetic and emotional bodies/ souls of my clients; grounding and connecting them, unblocking, rebalancing and realigning  their chakras and healing them on a very deep level.

During each session, I place high energetic protection around my clients.

Whilst working on the client, I am channelling the whole time and receiving  clear messages and communication from the divine through my psychic gifts of  claircognisance, clairaudience and visions. I will then share these with my clients  as direct messages, insights and clues to guide, release and further heal them on  their journey for maximum desired life outcomes.

Clients feel grounded, clear, balanced, calm, unblocked and opened up to new  possibilities after their healing session.

All sessions are inclusive of a channelled card reading, energetic clearing (if required) and a recording of your psychic channelled soul reading.

Obtain the answers you seek via an intuitive psychic reading like no other.

Treatment Benefits

  • Maintain high manifestation
  • Awaken & strengthen your consciousness
  •  Increase energy levels and motivation
  • Feel inspired, positive and confident
  •  Instantly uplift and maintain your  energy and mood
  •  Rapidly release old patterns and traumas
  • Maintain alignment and higher  frequencies
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Gain deeper insights and understanding  of your journey
  •  Keep yourself in a state of balance
  • Instantly remove blockages from your  path
  • Strongly connect to your guides
  • Receive important messages and insights
  • Feel calm, grounded, clear, connected and peaceful

Session Time: 90 Minutes

  • Sessions are recommended once per month and in some cases weekly when required.
  • Sessions are offered in person or virtually.

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